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You can download standalone version of Reposilite from GitHub releases page:

  • GitHub / Reposilite :: Releases

Requirements: System: Windows, Linux AMD/ARM, JVM: 11-18, Memory: 16MB+

Recommended memory ranges:

16MBTiny repository for personal projects
32MB--------------------^---------------- + CI + Proxy
64MB - 128MBTiny public repository (recommended)
128MB+Public repository

§ Running

To launch Reposilite with defined amount of RAM, use -Xmx parameter, for instance:

$ java -Xmx32M -jar reposilite.jar

§ Interactive CLI

Reposilite exposes interactive console directly in a terminal and it awaits for an input. Type help and learn more about available commands.

Interactive CLI

Note Your first access token has to be generated through the terminal or provided as a command line argument.
Read more about tokens and token management commands in Guide / Tokens.

§ Web interface

If Reposilite has been launched properly, you should be able to see its frontend located under the default http://localhost:8080/#/ address.

Web Interface Preview

§ Data structure

Reposilite stores data in working directory, by default it is a place where you've launched it.

[email protected] ~/workspace: java -jar reposilite.jar
+--logs/              List of 10 latest log files
+--plugins/           Directory with all external plugins to load
+--repositories/      The root directory for all declared repositories
   +--private/        Default private repository
   +--releases/       Default repository for releases
   +--snapshots/      Default repository for snapshot releases
+--static/            Static website content
+--configuration.cdn  Configuration file
+--latest.log         Log from the latest launch of Reposilite instance
+--reposilite.jar     Application file
+--reposilite.db      Data file containing stats and tokens (only if embedded database enabled)

To separate data files and configuration from application, use parameters.

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